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The Project’s White Paper


GREEN TREES is an ecological project that aims to restore our forests. We believe that it is essential to link blockchain technology and ecology. We are hoping this project brings much needed awareness to climate change and the positive impact trees have on the environment.

Together, we will be able to plant millions of trees around the world. At the same time, we will be producing a new "green" currency – GRN coin.

Our project allows people to earn by making real world impact. It's simple and easy, even for those who have no experience in crypto and NFT.

The Problem

Global warming has proven itself to have an effect on the world's climate and studies show we need to act now to reduce the impact for our future and the future of our children.

Trees are natural carbon capture and storage machines, absorbing carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere and then locking it up for centuries. It's why reforestation and afforestation are touted as key solutions to the climate crisis.

It is widely understood that trees convert CO2 to oxygen however this is not entirely accurate. They are actually storing that CO2 within them, and oxygen is produced as a byproduct of that storage.

When the trees are cut down, particularly the old ones, all of the stored CO2 is released into the atmosphere contributing more greenhouse gas emissions.

Not only is it important to plant new trees but it's also important to keep the existing trees and forests thriving.

The Solution

We ensure that the charities and organisations we work with aren't simply planting trees but creating sustainable ecosystems for these trees to thrive.

When you buy one Green Trees NFT, you fund planting of 10 trees.

NFT means non-fungible tokens (NFTs), which are created using the same type of programming used for cryptocurrencies. It is a unique digital identifier that cannot be copied or substituted, and that is used to certify authenticity and ownership.

The ownership of an NFT is recorded in the blockchain and can be transferred by the owner, allowing NFTs to be sold and traded.

Green Trees NFT has a unique feature: as the trees you've planted release oxygen, your NFTs generate a new "green" coin – GRN.

The more trees you plant (or the more you participate in the community events), the more $GRN you earn.

By buying and holding Green Trees NFT you are really helping the environment and earning a unique asset, which can be traded and sold just like any other cryptocurrency.

But the most important feature of the project is that we're doing it all for a good cause.

And we are completely transparent:
33% of NFT sale funds goes towards planting real life trees,
60% goes towards liquidity support for $GRN and NFTs,
and 7% is used for the development of this project.

Planting trees

Once the Green Trees NFTs have been purchased, we fund planting of the corresponding amount of trees through our great partner – Ecologi.

Ecologi is a social enterprise operating as a charity, by publicly publishing financial information and impact data. 85% of contributors’ money goes directly to funding environmental projects (a margin of just 15% is comparable with that of some of the best charities).

Ecologi works with a range of planting partners, such as the Eden Reforestation Projects and the International Tree Foundation. The need for reforestation is global and ever-changing, but thanks to Ecologi, we are sure that every dollar is spent with maximum efficiency, and all trees are planted where they’re needed most.

The success of the Ecologi model has enabled them to carry out projects in 43 countries, having planted more than 50 million trees since 2014.

You can always see the impact made by the Green Trees community so far – by checking our account at


Polygon has been chosen as the most appropriate blockchain for this project to run on.

Their Green Manifesto includes the plan to eliminate all of the network's carbon debt going back to inception and then going carbon negative in 2022.

Polygon also provides an excellent platform for the use of NFTs and smart contracts to help achieve our goals.

Green Trees NFT Overview

We have issued NFTs of five types:
Birch (BRC), Oak (OAK), Chestnut (CST), Pine (PNE), Maple (MPL).

NFTs are minted on the Polygon blockchain.

Each NFT costs $10 and is backed by 10 real-world trees, which are planted through our partner.

To buy Green Trees NFT, just register at this website and log into your account. You'll see all available items and "Buy" buttons next to them in the "Trees" section of your account.

After making a purchase, you can trade and sell your Green Trees NFT – being tied to 10 real-world plants, it is a valuable asset.

But holding NFTs in your account allows you to earn GRN coin.

Birch NFT

See the NFT page in the OpenSea marketplace.

Blockchain: Polygon
Token Standard: ERC-1155
Contract Address: 0x2953...4963

Birch is essential to the reforestation of cleared land. Ecologists refer to birch as a pioneer species – in the end of the ice age, birch trees would have been one of the first to re-colonise the rocky, ice-scoured landscape. Hence, in Celtic mythology birch is a tree of beginnings symbolizing renewal and purification.

Therefore, BIRCH was the first token available in the initial pre-sale. Those who join the project at the very start may end up with the biggest profit.


See the NFT page in the OpenSea marketplace.

Blockchain: Polygon
Token Standard: ERC-1155
Contract Address: 0x2953...4963

Oak is one the most efficient carbon capturing trees. Besides, it is often referred to as “keystone species” which means oaks keep the ecosystem intact. It is estimated that 500 to 2,300 species depend on one tree: acorns provide food the wildlife, and its massive trunk and branches provide shelter for many birds and mammals.

OAK holders may notice a slight improvement of GRN producing efficiency of all NFTs in their account. Oak has all the potential to become the most valuable tree.

Chestnut NFT

See the NFT page in the OpenSea marketplace.

Blockchain: Polygon
Token Standard: ERC-1155
Contract Address: 0x2953...4963

Chestnut is an excellent sponge for greenhouse gases, growing much faster and larger than other trees, which allows it to soak up more carbon dioxide. The tree’s higher carbon capacity makes it an ideal candidate for forest restoration projects and carbon offset schemes.

CHESTNUT NFTs could generate more GRN in the long run. It is quite possible that they will become the most stable asset of our project.

Pine NFT

See the NFT page in the OpenSea marketplace.

Blockchain: Polygon
Token Standard: ERC-1155
Contract Address: 0x2953...4963

Pine trees help to abate climate change by releasing aerosol particles that create clouds, which ultimately reflect the sun rays back into space – thus preventing warming. Pine has also been adopted in the fight against climate disruption due to its ability to grow quickly and hoover up CO2 while the trees are still young.

Therefore, PINE could start producing GRN a bit faster. Those who select these trees could eventually make the most money.

Maple NFT

See the NFT page in the OpenSea marketplace.

Blockchain: Polygon
Token Standard: ERC-1155
Contract Address: 0x2953...4963

Maple, thanks to its fast growth and large leaf area is among the most oxygen producing trees. A mature silver maple tree can emit enough O2 in one day for two people. On the same day, a silver maple can consume nearly 100 gallons (378 liters) of water from the soil and disperse it into the atmosphere.

MAPLE could become the most popular Green Trees NFT – and not only due to its beautiful leaves with amazing colours during the different seasons.

NFT Sale Funds Distribution

Each Green Trees NFT costs $10.
We spend the funds according to this scheme:

33% ($3.30) goes towards planting of 10 trees through our partner;
50% ($5.00) – to the reserve fund which guarantees the NFT Sell Back option;
10% ($1.00) – to support liquidity for GRN;
7% ($0.70) – to the development of this project and various service fees.

Payments to our tree planting partner, Ecologi, are made within 24 hours after every NFT purchase on the website.

The purpose of the reserve fund is to allow NFT initial holders (those who bought it on the website) to sell it back at half price, within 90 days after making a purchase.

Holding onto NFTs makes more sense as it's profitable. But everyone's situation is different, and this fund ensures that you own a valuable asset: each NFT not only certifies your environmental impact, but can also be sold at least for half of its initial price. (Of course, NFT's current market price could be much higher, so please check it before using the Sell Back option.)

Liquidity is the cornerstone of a successful blockchain project, so we reserve 10% to provide and support liquidity for GRN coin.

The project development activities include, but are not limited to: marketing and web development activities, staffing, project operations, consulting, and general expenses.

GRN coin

GRN is a cryptocurrency that rewards everyone for buying and holding Green Trees NFTs.

As of now, GRN is issued on the Polygon and Stellar blockchain platforms.
Polygon: 0x0207...196c
Stellar: GAPS3R...GL3Y

A newly planted tree begins to release oxygen gradually, as it needs time to grow. But your NFT, a digital equivalent of real-world trees, starts to bring benefits immediately.

Once you have the Green Trees NFT in your account, you start receiving GRN coin.

The amount you will receive depends on several factors: the type and number of purchased NFTs, their average market price for the calculated period, the duration of continuous NFT holding, and the level of your activity in the Referral Program and community initiatives.

The GRN production formula is adjusted in the way which ensures that the market isn't flooded with too many GRN coins simultaneously and we are able to steadily develop this currency and the whole project for many years.

And the main principle is simple: the more trees you plant, the more GRN you can earn.

You can also earn GRN by participating in the Green Trees Auctions, games, lotteries, community events and other initiatives. These will be announced on an ad hoc basis with details provided across our website and social media platforms.

Promoting the project by joining the Referral Program is another way to earn GRN.

You can trade GRN coin on exchanges, and it will also serve as a native currency of our next gaming project linking blockchain and ecology.

GRN is only produced after you plant trees and hold onto Green Trees NFT in your account. This makes it a unique digital currency backed by real-world trees.

Green Trees tokens on Stellar DEX

Everyone can contribute to the environment by planting just one tree.

Green Trees NFTs cannot be divided, but you can purchase Green Trees tokens on Stellar exchange. There you can buy 0.1 BRC, OAK, CST, PNE or MPL, which means that you'll fund planting of one tree by spending just $1.

To buy and trade tokens on this platform, you need to register Stellar blockchain wallet. To open a trust line for all Green Trees tokens just type "" in the Search field.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Referral Program

Together, we aim to plant millions of trees around the world. It can only be achieved through the efforts of a large community.

Inviting new members allows you to earn an extra income. You will receive a commission on each purchase made by your referrals.

The GREEN TREES referral network is up to 100 levels deep, and pays generous rewards in GRN.

10% First Level Commission: paid each time when your “referral” (new member registered through your referral link) buys NFT on the website;

5% Second Level Commission: paid each time when a user who was invited by your referral (a “second level referral”) makes a purchase on the website;

1% Monthly Bonus: paid in the end of each month; calculated as 1% of GRN balances of all level referrals – including those who registered through your link, and those who were invited by your referrals.

History and Roadmap

The limited pre-sale of Green Trees tokens took place from the 11th to 15th of November, 2022.

1,000 trees of all five types were available to purchase at the starting price of $1 – meaning that each token was backed by one tree planted.

During the initial stage of the tokens offering, each type of trees has generated the same amount – 0.15 GRN per month. Those pre-sale participants who planted 100 trees, earned 15 GRN (equal to $15 at the market price on the 2nd of December), just by holding Green Trees tokens in their accounts.

The next pre-sale of Green Trees NFTs (and of Green Trees tokens on Stellar) starts on the 5th of December, 2022.

Each NFT costs $10 and is backed by 10 trees planted.

Once you have the Green Trees NFT in your account, you start receiving GRN coin.

The idea is to drive value in the GRN currency and create a robust token economy. We have goals to get this crypto listed on other exchanges, build out staking, auctions, and no loss lotteries.

The larger our community grows, the greater impact we make on the environment. Help spread the word and expand the community of caring for the Earth.


Everyone in our team is a nature lover and we would like to change public opinion about the blockchain technology being harmful to the environment.

Cryptocurrencies are generated by mining. It's been sad to see how negligent the Bitcoin mining community has been towards the environment. The "green" GRN currency is produced only as a result of planting real life trees.

Our contribution might not be massive so far, but if we ensure the prosperity of our community and platform we could make a significant difference. Together we are strong.

The Green Trees project is brought to you by GREEN TREES PLANET LTD.

How to join by planting trees yourself

Everyone can join us by planting trees themselves!

We believe that every time when the right type of trees are planted to help climate change, it deserves a reward.

Please submit an application by describing your planting project, location, and environmental benefits.

Once your trees are successfully "verified", you will get the corresponding amount of Green Trees NFTs.

Join us, and while your trees release oxygen, you will be receiving rewards in GRN.

Financial Disclaimer

The Green Trees team and any project representatives will never claim that the price of the Green Trees NFTs and GRN coin will increase or decrease. No financial advice will ever be provided and any comments made by the team should not be taken as such.

Trading the Green Trees NFTs and GRN coin isn't the intent of the project.

Buying, selling, trading, managing liquidity positions, sending, and receiving tokens are all risky activities. It is the investors duty to conduct all due diligence before interacting with cryptocurrency projects, including Green Trees. Any investment decision you make is your sole responsibility.

Contact Information

Green Trees will continue to innovate and add new elements to the project. If there is something you would like to see the project explore, please reach out and let us know. We always welcome feedback and ideas.

You may send us an e-mail, fill in the contact form on the website, or connect via social media platforms:

Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Medium.

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