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First round of NFT sales is open

Today, on the 5th of December 2022, we are ready to move on to Public Beta stage.

Green Trees NFTs are now live on Polygon!

In the First round of sales, only 2,000 NFTs of each type (overall 10,000) are available to purchase at the price of $10.

By purchasing one NFT, you initiate planting of 10 trees – in the locations where they’re needed most, under professional control within certain reforestation projects.

Once you have bought Green Trees NFT, you will start receiving $GRN.

Our community is really helping the environment and generating a unique GREEN asset.

Buy your NFT now, before the Second round price increase to $20:

Each Green Trees NFT:

  • certifies your real environmental impact,
  • generates daily rewards in $GRN,
  • will double in price after the next round of sales,
  • can be sold and traded in the marketplace,
  • can be sold back to the project.

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