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Potted Plants, 10-20cm tall

Feminized, Photoperiod
Pot Dimensions: 14cm diameter top, 10cm diameter base, and 10cm depth

Pricing: 500 ฿
Buy 3 or more: 400 ฿ per plant
Indica Hybrid
THC content: 17-23%
Flowering time: 9 to 12 weeks
Aroma: fruity, piney
Distinctive terpenes: linalool, humulene, myrcene
Ease of growing: relatively easy
As a result of the crossbreeding between two legendary indicas, this strain is celebrated for its profound ability to relieve pain, anxiety, and sleeplessness. The effect is powerfully relaxing, very much in the body, but also uplifting in a cerebral sense. A great evening and night-time strain.
Grand Daddy Purple plants, while being medium-sized, are big and bushy with high yields of purple-tinted buds. Suitable for cultivation indoors, outdoors and in a greenhouse where there is good ventilation, the strain is suitable for growers at all levels.
Growing Tips
Indoor cultivation is more optimal, as the strain is susceptible to air humidity levels, which must be consistently maintained at around 50-55%. You also might need to be patient with your plant, as it can take up to 12 weeks to flower.
This plant tends to grow bushy and short, so it does not require much space. Grand Daddy Purple is also a great strain to explore training techniques that could further increase yields.
GDP prefers a dry climate and can handle a little cold if grown outside. Ideal temperature ranges between 22 and 26°C.