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Potted Plants, 10-20cm tall

Feminized, Photoperiod
Pot Dimensions: 14cm diameter top, 10cm diameter base, and 10cm depth

Pricing: 500 ฿
Buy 3 or more: 400 ฿ per plant
Hybrid Indica 75%, Sativa 25%
THC content: 22-25%
Flowering time: 8 to 10 weeks
Aroma: vanilla, sweet, berry
Distinctive terpenes: D-limonene, myrcene, linalool, pinene, camphene
Ease of growing: relatively difficult
The Ice Cream Cake strain has inherited certain traits from its parents (Wedding Cake and Gelato), including the high THC levels that can climb up to 25% as well as the rich flavorful profile.
Smoking ICC weed gives a cerebral rush and euphoric energy. It generates a feeling of happiness and deep relaxation as all muscle tension loosens up.
It takes advanced skills to grow ICC plants successfully; this is kind of a high maintenance flower.
Growing Tips
Plants tend to grow big and need large areas to spread their roots and branches. They also need a constantly warm environment with minimum levels of humidity. Caution for mold, mildew, fungus, mites, and other pests.
If you are growing just one plant, consider choosing a spot near a window so that the plant can get fresh air and sunlight during the day. Still, turn on the grow light and the ventilation when the night falls.
One of the challenges is to produce larger yields; this is where growers need skills, patients, experience, and sound equipment to get good results. Regular ICC buds grow with plenty of beautiful orange and silver pistols. This is a sign that you’ve produced an authentic Ice Cream Cake strain.