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Join our Bounty program

We are excited to announce a Bounty program that lets you earn extra $GRN.

1. Sign up at and get a sign-up bonus (1 GRN).

One of every 100 newly registered users receives one Green Trees NFT for free!

2. Add your Polygon (Ethereum) address in the Profile section of your account.

3. Go to the Bounty section and subscribe to GreenTrees social media channels.

4. Fill in your usernames and click on Send for verification.

5. After verification you’ll get 0.5 GRN for each subscription!

6. Refer new users and get 0.1 GRN for each verified social network subscription of your referrals.

7. Make a YouTube video about the Green Trees project and win a special reward (Top 5 most viewed videos will be rewarded with 100 GRN per video)

8. Buy at least 10 NFTs to get a chance to win the SuperPrize — 100 Green Trees NFTs.

Please note that Bounty GRN can be withdrawn 60 days after receiving the bonus.

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