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Partnership with NOUMEN ART

We are happy to announce our partnership with the NOUMEN ART festival. The event will take place from 16-22 September 2023 in Alicante, Spain.

An integral part of this year NOUMEN ART festival will be the “green theme”. Here is the message from the event organizer:

«By combining attending the festival with the planting of green spaces, we aim to address local environmental issues, achieving the twofold goal of promoting environmental sustainability and supporting artistic creation inspired by the beauty and harmony of nature, and we hope that our example can be followed by other cultural events in Europe and the world.
As part of our Noumen Art Festival, each visitor will be encouraged to plant their own fruit trees on the ranch and decorate them with plaques. The ranchers will carefully care for each cutting planted and after six months will report back to the person who planted them on how they are growing with a video report. Over the years, the cuttings will grow into branching trees that bear life-giving fruit, experimentation in the arts will become mainstream and classic, bestowing the world with the fruits of culture.»

Visit the event website

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