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Swap your tokens for NFTs

We are pleased to make an important announcement: now you can swap Green Trees tokens issued on Stellar to Green Trees NFT!

Each NFT costs $10 and activates planting of 10 trees.

Tokens purchased for $1 can be exchanged to NFT at a rate of 10:1.

Green Trees NFT generates rewards at the same rate as tokens – 0.005 GRN per tree daily (0.05 GRN per 10 trees).

The difference is that you will earn $GRN on the Polygon blockchain, and will be able to trade your NFTs in the world’s largest marketplace – OpenSea.

Note: Green Trees NFTs on Polygon and tokens on Stellar coexist smoothly, and we are happy to offer you the freedom to trade across different platforms.

But if you want to discover the exciting opportunities of Web 3.0, GameFi and NFT, then welcome to Polygon!

To make an exchange, just sign into your account at, and click Swap in the menu.

✔️ Please note that the amount of tokens to swap must be a multiple of 10.

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