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Pre-sale of Tokens on Stellar

A limited bonus pre-sale of the Green Trees tokens will start on Friday, November 11, at 7:00 am GMT.

1,000 trees of all five types (overall 5,000 tokens) will be available on the Stellar DEX at the price of $1:

Birch – BRC
Pine – PNE
Chestnut – CST
Oak – OAK
Maple – MPL

You can make a purchase using all popular cryptocurrencies:

1) through your account at (total supply: 4,000 tokens)
2) on the Stellar DEX (total supply: 1,000 tokens)

Only during pre-sale: Get a 10% bonus (paid in $GRN) on each purchase at the website!

Note: The next sale will start in December 2022. Each token will cost $10, as it will be linked to 10 trees.


The GREEN TREES tokens certify your environmental impact, and can be traded on exchanges. But their main feature is the ability to produce $GRN.


Stellar lets you trade, hold, and transfer any type of asset on the network.

Stellar’s decentralized exchange (Stellar DEX) allows users to swap between tokens using simple functions built into the protocol.

We are using this platform as a live-like testing environment, so that to build up and test certain mechanics, as well as to ensure regulatory compliance and security checks for financial operations.

In December 2022, we will launch the same mechanics on the Polygon blockchain.

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