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Why plant trees?

In the increasingly urgent effort to fight against climate change, every little bit counts. Planting trees is one of the simplest and most efficient ways of removing excess CO2 from the atmosphere.

When trees perform photosynthesis, they pull carbon dioxide out of the air, bind it up in glucose, and release oxygen. Trees use sugar to build wood, branches, and roots. Wood is an incredible carbon sink because it lasts for years as a standing tree, and takes years to break down after the tree dies.

After the oceans, forests are the second largest carbon sink on the planet. Trees are easy to plant, and in addition to absorbing CO2, they emit oxygen.

It is however important that the right type of trees are planted to help climate change. It has to be strategic, as the need for reforestation is global and ever-changing.

The CO2 absorption capacity varies greatly from tree to tree, there are many factors to be considered: the species, age, size, the weather conditions, the type of soil. Forests with a variety of species (mixed forests) should be favoured because they soak up more carbon dioxide.

All trees must also be well-maintained and healthy in order to function effectively.

For every NFT sold in the First round, Green Trees will fund planting of 10 trees through Ecologi.

Ecologi works with a range of planting partners, such as the Eden Reforestation Projects and the International Tree Foundation. Thanks to them, we are sure that every dollar is spent with maximum efficiency, and all trees are planted where they’re needed most.

By purchasing a Green Trees NFT, you’ll do more than initiate putting 10 seeds in the ground; you’ll make sure these forests survive for future generations.

Although reforestation helps in the fight against global warming, it is important, in addition to offsetting CO2 emissions, to try to reduce them beforehand.

Any contribution to the environment must be preceded by actions to reduce your carbon footprint. This can be done various ways by making changes in your day-to-day life such as:
switch to a green energy provider;
avoid using the car for short journeys and choose to walk or cycle instead;
adopt a more eco-minded lifestyle (for example, reuse before recycle, or go digital – the more you do online, the less you need paper).

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