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Earn 4,5% monthly
interest on GRN
with yGRN

Automatic rewards delivered daily to your wallet.

Earning interest on your crypto is now easier than ever!

yGRN is a yield generating token issued by Green Trees. After you deposit your GRN, the funds are used for lending money to interested participants.
Your yGRN tokens are in your crypto wallet and in your custody, so you can sell, send or redeem them anytime.


No long term commitments. Holders of yGRN receive interest daily. Jump in or out by converting yGRN to GRN anytime. Redeem through or use exchanges.


You get yGRN when you lend your GRN to us or do a swap on exchanges. yGRN tokens are fully liquid, so you can use them as you need — hold and earn, trade or send them.

100% Backed

Every yGRN is backed 1:1 by deposited GRN. The issuance of yGRN happens on-chain when new GRN are deposited. Redeemed yGRN are burned. All records can be verified.


The interest is distributed on-chain, so anyone can verify our rates and ensure all token holders are rewarded fairly according to their yGRN balance.

Ecosystem Integration

Convert GRN to yGRN directly on this website, at any time. You can also use exchanges, or your favourite crypto wallet which supports these tokens.

Low Fees

Our advertised rates are real and there are no deposit fees. As for withdrawals, we only charge the network fee to deliver tokens to your off-chain address.

Interest rates

Interest rates are flexible, and can change depending on the market conditions. You can see current rates for yGRN on this website and across our social media platforms. We always aim to ensure best yields.

Interest amounts are distributed daily according to your yGRN balances at the time of snapshot. If you transfer yGRN to a different address, this new address will start receiving rewards instead of your account.

Getting started with yGRN

You’ll need a supported wallet to store yGRN and receive daily rewards. Any Stellar wallet would work as long as it allows you to add trustlines.

Please use the button below to add a trustline to yGRN.

Converting between yGRN and GRN

Green Trees provides a service that enables 1:1 conversion between yGRN and GRN.

Alternatively, you can trade yGRN on decentralized exchanges as any other asset. Keep in mind that the price of yGRN on DEX platforms is a market price, which may not always be equal to 1 GRN.

Get interest payouts

Once you have yGRN in your wallet, you are all set. Within 24 hours you will get an interest reward, and you’ll be receiving those daily. Interest payout APY rate is stated in the transaction memo, so you can always check the current rates.

Received yGRN interest can be converted into GRN or other tokens. If your yGRN position is changed, your next interest payouts will be adjusted accordingly.

Start earning 4,5% monthly (or 0,15% daily) interest on your GRN now!

Convert your GRN to yGRN and receive daily interest in your wallet.

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